A non-profit organization providing outdoor adventure recreation and fitness that improves independent life skills for adults with special needs and challenged abilities

Improve Independent Living Skills (housekeeping management, safety skills, food management, health and fitness, hygiene, interpersonal skills, community resources, and recreation) going on seasonal camping ROAD TRIPS. ​

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All inclusive, guided adventure retreats.

Relax, Renew, and Recreate in wilderness lodging, eating healthy catered meals, adventure activities, yoga/fitness, and performance mind recovery. 

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Specialized   Outdoor   Adventure   Recreation

Develop Life Skills (self-concepts, critical thinking, independence, trust, communication, respect, empowerment, and social integration) having fun learning or improving adventure activities like - stand up paddle, kayak, surf, sail, snorkel, scuba, ocean safety, raft, float, outrigger canoe, triathlon fitness, camping, hiking, cycling, archery, fishing, paintball, zipline, outdoor fitness, ski, snowboard, snowshoe, sled, yoga, sup yoga, skate, paraglide, skydive, etc. ​ adventure recreation outdoor activities independent life skills

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